Skull girl necklace
Skull girl necklace
Skull girl necklace

Skull girl necklace

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She may look cute in all pastels at first glance, but then you realize that's a ring of skulls... Maybe not who you thought? 
This necklace is perfect for cute girls with a hidden dark side to them! 



This badass pendant is hand casted in a blend of 2 colours, pink and purple, in the shape of a ring of skulls. The image of the girl's face has a satin varnish coating for protection.

The pink and purple metallic necklace repeats the 2 colours of the pendant.

these necklaces are OOAK, please note that they are molded, cast and assembled by hand so they're all OOAK and imperfections are possible. I will ship the one in the actual photo, once it's sold, it's sold!


pendant is 6 x 5 cm or 2.4 x 2"