Custom monochrome chibi portrait
Custom monochrome chibi portrait

Custom monochrome chibi portrait

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If you're curious to see what you'd look like as a Japanese chibi character, these monotone little portraits are perfect. They make a great gift for best friends or couples and can also be printed on anything in the shop.

TIP: these are most popular when you want to be drawn alongside your favourite character!



This is a small digital chibi drawing of 1 person. for multiple people, please buy the appropriate amount. 

This is a low resolution drawing in 1 colour. Best for use online or prints no larger than A4. If you need this to be bigger, please inquire about this first.

The piece will be emailed to you.


After nabbing this listing, just shoot me a message with a few pictures. 
you can request any outfit, pose or prop.
If you're shy or not really creative, you can just send me a funny story that happened to you, let me know your hobbies, sports or favorite obsession and I can work from that. 
Feel free to email if you have any doubts or questions. 

Artwork can only be used for personal use. (post it on your social media, print it for own use etc. you may not make money off it, that's a different rate (; )