kawaii pastel goth chibi girl sticker - MadModesty
Kawaii chibi art alternative girl sticker - MadModesty
Kawaii chibi art pastel goth girl - MadModesty
Kawaii chibi art creepy cute girl sticker - MadModesty
Kawaii chibi art pastel goth girl sticker - MadModesty

Pastel Goth girl sticker

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If you're goth, but in really pastel sort of way, this may just be the sticker for your Ouija-board! 
She's got skulls on her cute lilac top and a mint green bat in her pink hair, but don't be mistaken. Deep down she's darker than a moonless night so you may want to stay on her good side. 


polymer sticker with sublimation inks 
Stickers are light- and weatherproof. so you can put them on your coffin, window, car or mailbox! They're scratch proof too, so they can even stand hanging around on your planner, phone or little sister!


This badass lady measures about 7cm (2.75") tall.
other sizes available on request!

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