nope grumpy cat sticker decal sarcasm - MadModesty
cranky kitty sticker - sarcastic do not want cat sticker - MadModesty
cranky kitty - ope grumpy cat sticker decal sarcasm - MadModesty

Nope cat sticker

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I think this sticker really says everything it needs to. 



polymer sticker with eco-solvent based inks -
Stickers are light- and weatherproof so you can put them on your bike, window, car or mailbox! They're scratch proof too, so they can even stand hanging around on your planner, phone or little brother!

This sticker is coated with a permanent glue so you can't re-stick it after. 
But you can be sure this little guy isn't going anywhere!


This super cranky kitty measures 8cm (3.15") wide.