Kawaii soda themed Japanese maid - MadModesty
fairy kei pastel fashion girl pink sticker - MadModesty
Kawaii fairy kei pastel fashion japanese maid sticker

Chibi maid "Soda" sticker

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This kawaii sticker is perfect for you if you're fizzy and bubbly like soda! She's super sweet and not only because she's decked out in the cutest pastel Japanese maid outfit! Her fairy kei style and pink hair are so sugary and fun, too! 



polymer sticker with sublimation inks. This means she's UV-, scratch- and weather proof for at least 2 years.
Put her on your phone, laptop or mailbox without fear of her fading away!

You can only stick her once, since she has a long-lasting permanent adhesive.


This bubbly cutie measures about7cm (2.75") tall.