Shipping info

♥ how soon do you ship? 

oof, starting with a complex one, are we? 
  • ready-to-ship items like stickers are shipped out between 1-3 business days
  • large ready-to-ship items like mugs ship out between 1-5 business days 
  • made-to-order items like sweaters take 3-10 business days 
  • custom prints depend on the order, I will personally let you know when you enquire
  • custom art takes 5-20 business days

♥ What carrier do you use?

Bpost is my friend. 

That's the Belgian domestic postal service. They are reliable and by far the cheapest option available. They are still on the pricey side but they hardly ever lose a package and standard shipping is always priority. 

 When will my goodies arrive?

gimme gimme gimme nowww!
  • Domestic shipping (within Belgium) is hecka fast and takes 1 business day
  • shipping within the EU takes up to 6 business days
  • shipping to everywhere else takes about 10 business days though countries with paranoid customs can hold packages longer. The longest I've seen is 2 months, but usually it stretches up to a month. this has only happened a handful of times though. 

 How much will shipping cost?

Because no one loves shipping costs.

Shipping costs are kept as low as possible but as stated before, Belgium isn't a cheap country to ship from. In return you get a reliable priority shipment. Prices are calculated by weight per destination, you can see this in your shopping cart.  

 Are the shipments insured/tracked?

don't lose anything, now!

the short answer is no. Standard shipping is not insured, but still quite reliable. 
It is possible to get insurance for your package at checkout for an additional fee.
if you did not opt for insurance, the responsibility is yours. (ouch, harsh :( )

 Is Gift wrapping included?

everybody loves presents.

at this time gift wrapping is not available. this is planned for the future though, since presents are awesome!

 what about rush orders?

because ain't nobody got time for this.

feel free to mention your order needs to get there FAST in your checkout message and some time COULD be shaved off processing times (no guarantee, depending on order volume). At this time there's no courier/overnight shipping available because they would cost an arm and a leg.