If you like my art but want to own your own digital copy, you can now buy your own NFT from MadModesty! 

I have two collections available to choose from: 


cute cows header - Kawaii chibi NFT crypto


CuteCows is a collection of my best selling, most popular characters: the super cute little cows. If you're interested in owning one or more, head on over to the collection page! There will be new cows made that will appear as NFT exclusively and some will be added as stickers to the shop later. Each cow will have a total of 25 copies each but beware, every 5 copies sold, the price will go up so it's definitely a good idea to get one as soon as possible! 

These cutie NFTs are perfect to match with the stickers and other chibi cow merch on this webshop!

cute chocolate cow sticker chibi 


If you're looking for art that's exclusively drawn as NFT and has no related merchandise or prints, OR you're a true dog lover, maybe the next collection is for you:  

cute labrador dog NFT art header


LabbieCoin is an NFT collection based on my dog! He's a yellow lab called Jabba and based on his goofy face, I decided to design Labradors shaped like coins, doing labrador things. Every pose will be available in the 3 main lab colours: Yellow, chocolate and black! Every Lab will be available in 25 copies and here, the price will go up every 5 copies as well. So choose quickly! 

These will ONLY be available as NFTs since they're coin shaped and designed JUST for that purpose. so head on over to the collection page to adopt your own, limited NFT labbie coin!


yellow labrador teeth NFT yellow lab sleeping


Wait, I'm confused. What's an NFT? 

NFT means "non-fungible token", which is an odd word, right? Non-fungible basically means that it comes with a proof of ownership. These are images or artworks that cannot be copied or claimed by other people. You will retain proof of ownership in the blockchain

So even if the JPG itself can be saved and copied, You will be registered as the official owner of a specific, limited copy. Just like how 1 person can own the original painting, but many people can make their own prints. 
Read a full explanation here.

Blockchain? Isn't that crypto currency? 

Yes. blockchains are a part of cryptocurrencies. They are the code that helps secure and validate the transactions. Data stored in blockchains can't be altered or deleted. (read more about it here) The easiest way to think of cryptocurrency is to compare them to stocks. You buy them as an investment and they can go up or down in value. You can also pay with these stocks or trade them. In this case you would trade your Polygon tokens (the ones I chose to trade for, see below) for unique pieces of art. These NFTs (collectible art pieces you bought with your coin, aka stock) can also go up in value as the artist becomes more established. 

So this way you can support an artist and actually invest in something that can make you some money in time. 

Oh I see, but I heard crypto is bad for the environment or is a scam :( 

Ok let's break that down. 
Cryptocurrency comes into existence by 'mining' it. This means using TONS of computing power to make the crypto calculations. These use a lot of energy and tax the environment. 
This is one of the reasons I decided to sell my art for a coin called Polygon. Polygon uses proof-of-stake, which omits all the mining needed and results in much lower fees as well. (Here's a thorough explanation)

As with any 'new' technology, there's a lot of opportunities and also a lot of people looking to profit through scams. This applies mostly to the cryptocoins themselves. Anyone can start up a coin or pretend to. So it's important to do research when investing in different types of cryptocurrencies.
However: Selling and buying NFTs (art) on Opensea, is much like selling baseball cards or art on Ebay. It's a safe platform that only accepts validated coins (Ethereum & Polygon). You can buy items you just happen to like or look for solid investments. There's always a chance some artists don't take off and your piece won't go up in value. But you're still supporting that hard working artist and that in its own is very valuable. 

If you have any suggestions, tips or questions about this, I'm available for you. Just shoot me an email at 

thank you for your interest in supporting me! 
- Owner of