Custom order info

♥ How to customize a product:

Let's make this personal.

If you see an item on the MadModesty online store, there's a pretty big chance it can be personalized for you. This means you can add your name, change a colour or feature, ... Don't hesitate to send a message to inquire about the possibilities of your idea.

♥ The price of a custom product:

Let's do some math!

In most cases there's no extra fee to customize since most products are printed on demand. If you have a big alteration of request, there could be a design fee. Don't hesitate to ask

 ordering a custom size:

We will not be defined by standards!

As you can see on the size help page, sweaters go up to 5XL in size, though standard stock is only up to XL. If you would like a larger size, please send a message first, since there is an additional fee. Specify what you'd like to order and we'll get back to you with a price. Fee depends on current supplier costs.
Processing time will be longer since the sweater is not readily in stock to print but will have to be ordered and sent from the supplier first. 

 ordering a custom portrait:

Draw me like one of your french girls
  • Pick the type of portrait and amount of people you'd like in it here 
  • Buy the listing of your choice and send your photos/idea/request/... to along with your order number. 
  • we talk! You will get an email with an estimated time frame
  • when the artwork is finished, you will get contacted again

 Cancelling a custom product or portrait:

Don't be scared, together we'll make this awesome!

If you change your mind and want to cancel your custom order, it all depends on the amount of work done: 

  • if it's a custom product:
    • if work hasn't started, you can get a full refund 
    • if design is finished, but nothing has been printed, you get a partial refund, depending on the design difficulty (adding a name vs changing parts of the design)
    • if the product has been printed, you unfortunately can't get a refund
  • if it's a portrait: 
    • sketches and studies are finished: 75%refund
    • sketch is finished: 50% refund
    • linework is finished: 25% refund
    • work is finished: no refund 

In case of a portrait, you will receive whatever work is finished. 

 This is too complicated :( :

Awhh don't worry, we're friends!

If your question isn't here, just get in touch and we'll sort this out asap!