Corona virus updates

As this pandemic is taking its toll, MadModesty isn't immune either. 
On this page you will find all changes to the usual operations and how they might affect you. 

Stay inside, stay safe, don't hoard. 



UPDATE May 18th: Shipping outside of the EU is now open again. The postal service has a queue to work through, but delayed orders are on their way. Though as of yet no tracking is working because of the postal backlog. 

Currently shipping overseas from Europe is severely delayed. 
You will still be able to purchase from MadModesty if you're from the US, Canada, Australia, Asia etc. but your package will not be shipped until I am sure it can be shipped safely. This can be days, it can be weeks. 
Why should you buy now at all then? You are supporting a small business stay afloat in these dark times. As a thank you, you will receive exclusive goodies with your order! 


Some people are worried about the origin of products. 
All products are made and shipped from Belgium. 



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