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MadModesty is a unique webshop for women with their own style. Punk, rock, skater, princess or kawaii, MadModesty incorporates it effortlessly in lifestyle products for a ‘sophisicute’ style. Let’s face it: going to work in that princess gown might cause you trouble. Fortunately, there's MadModesty to make sure you can live your daily adult life without having to drop your own rebellious style.

It's even more fun when you know MadModesty treats every order separately. All products are drawn, designed and printed individually, whether it's T-shirts, tote bags or coffee mugs. Special requests? Send us a message and we'll see what we can do to fulfill your wishes!

MadModesty's specialty is drawing portraits. Have you always dreamed of a manga version of yourself? Need a unique gift for your friend's birthday or wedding? MadModesty is happy to create a completely custom made portrait. You can even print it on your favourite item in the webshop!

In short: whatever your style, whatever your shape, MadModesty has something in store for every woman.