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MadModesty is a unique webshop that sells cute lifestyle items with a darker edge. What makes MadModesty so unique? It's 100% artist-run. This means everything is illustrated, designed, printed, photographed and sold by the artist. 

So If you're looking for some pastel in your goth fashion or to make your space super kawaii, you'll find what you're looking for here. You can even get a manga/anime inspired portrait drawn! You'll also be supporting a cool artist so you'll be raking in some good karma points! It's a win-win, really. ;) 


kawaii custom art commission anime portrait manga style

"So who's this artist you're talking about?" you might say? 

Hi, I'm Veronique, an Illustrator from Belgium🇧🇪 that specialises in manga-inspired art and portraits.  

This shop has grown over the years, ever since I started selling art prints at conventions in 2004. I hope to grow it even further in 2020 so that I can share my work with more people! 

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