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LIMITED Haunted Tamagotchi salopetteLIMITED Haunted Tamagotchi salopette

LIMITED Haunted Tamagotchi salopette

Don't let this super cute, pink salopette fool you. It may have an adorable tamagotchi printed on the front, but that thing is definitely haunted. I'm pretty sure they usually...
Angel wing hair clip setAngel wing hair clip set

Angel wing hair clip set

Maybe you don't -NEED- pink, purple or blue angel wings in your hair but then again, don't you? These are really super cute and just a bit different.Since these kawaii...
Illuminati Furby - black sweaterIlluminati Furby - black sweater

Illuminati Furby - black sweater

Did you ever feel like your Furby was watching you? This huge illuminati-furby is not only a cool 90's reference, it has that extra layer of all-seeing eye.  ❤ PRODUCT DETAILS...
Winged heart brooch - purple wingsWinged heart brooch - purple wings

Winged heart brooch - purple wings

Feeling angelic? These cute heart shaped brooches with angel wings will really lift your mood. These shimmery, cute pink hearts with purple wings make for a super cute brooch. Choose your favourite...
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Winged heart brooch - Pink wingsWinged heart brooch - Pink wings

Winged heart brooch - Pink wings

Feeling angelic? These cute heart shaped brooches with angel wings will really lift your mood. These shimmery, coloured hearts with cute pink wings make for a super adorable brooch. Choose your favourite colour combination...
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Winged heart brooch - Blue wingsWinged heart brooch - Blue wings

Winged heart brooch - Blue wings

Feeling angelic? These cute heart shaped brooches with angel wings will really lift your mood. These shimmery, baby pink hearts with baby blue wings make for a completely soft, pastel vibe....
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Winged button brooch - Step off!Winged button brooch - Step off!

Winged button brooch - Step off!

This cutesy button is not as innocent as it seems. Despite the pastel tones, holographic shimmer and adorable wings, "Step off!" means "leave!". It was super popular in the 90's...
Winged button brooch - Space cadetWinged button brooch - Space cadet

Winged button brooch - Space cadet

Are you a dreamer? Do you space out quickly? In the 80's people would call you "a space cadet" since you're off into your thoughts, or "into space" .This awesome...
Winged button brooch - pollyWinged button brooch - polly

Winged button brooch - polly

Polly pocket is one of the cutest 90's toys! This little button brooch with holographic wings fits that style to a T. It's pastel, small, quirky and just cute!❤ PRODUCT...
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Winged button brooch - Boo!Winged button brooch - Boo!

Winged button brooch - Boo!

If you're looking for some super cute, pastel halloween vibes, look no further! This kawaii pinback button brooch comes in 4 colours, one even cuter than the other. If the sweet colours...
Winged button brooch - Bite Me!Winged button brooch - Bite Me!

Winged button brooch - Bite Me!

These pinback button brooches seem super cute at first sight ... until you read what they say! With the text "bite me", they are excellent for vampire fans! (not where...
Winged button brooch - As if!Winged button brooch - As if!

Winged button brooch - As if!

"As if!" is one of the best known quotes from Clueless, a 90's landmark! Needless to say this line was super hot back then. The 90's spirit should never die so...
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Unicorn Cat KeychainUnicorn Cat Keychain

Unicorn Cat Keychain

This versatile, super cute keychain is suuuuper girly and has a total 90s vibe! It has a clip hook instead of a key ring so you don't mess up your...
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Unicorn Cat braceletUnicorn Cat bracelet

Unicorn Cat bracelet

A charm bracelet is super cute and cheerful, especially this one. The main charm is MadModesty's original unicorn kitty, Bubbles and she's flanked by 2 cute little stars! ❤ PRODUCT DETAILS ❤Bracelet is...
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Spice girls chibi  mugSpice girls chibi  mug

Spice girls chibi mug

Enjoy the best 90's hits while drinking from this cute spice girl themed mug. like the spice girls say: NEVER GIVE UP ON THE GOOD TIMES ! this mug with original...
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Space girl postcardSpace girl postcard

Space girl postcard

If you love puns about as much as you love space, this card is just for you. I -suppose- you could give it to someone special, but you're quite special yourself,...
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