Twisted 90s collection

This creepy cute collection is inspired by girly 90s! There's kawaii pastel tones and cute toys like Tamagotchi, Furby and Polly pocket, BUT they each have a dark twist for you pastel goths out there!

The Furby might be watching you, with his 3rd eye, inspired by the Illuminati. Or did you see that tamagotchi flash "i'm trapped" at you? what? 
Maybe you've just known all along that Polly is a cult icon? Either way, this unique collection is a total flashback to the 1990s. 

These haunted cuties are all shipped from Europe. 

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LIMITED Haunted Tamagotchi salopetteLIMITED Haunted Tamagotchi salopette

LIMITED Haunted Tamagotchi salopette

Don't let this super cute, pink salopette fool you. It may have an adorable tamagotchi printed on the front, but that thing is definitely haunted. I'm pretty sure they usually...
Illuminati Furby - black sweaterIlluminati Furby - black sweater

Illuminati Furby - black sweater

Did you ever feel like your Furby was watching you? This huge illuminati-furby is not only a cool 90's reference, it has that extra layer of all-seeing eye.  ❤ PRODUCT DETAILS...
Polly Pocket Polly Pocket

Polly Pocket "CULT" T-shirt

Are you part of the Polly Pocket Cult? Never say it's just a vintage toy, this T-shirt shows your commitment to the 90s cult idol that is Polly.  ❤ PRODUCT DETAILS ❤  Gildan 100%...
Polly Pocket Polly Pocket

Polly Pocket "CULT" sweater

Polly Pocket is not just a toy, it's a cult.Show your convictions proudly with this cute ombre sweater! it's limited edition so get yours right now!!  ❤ PRODUCT DETAILS ❤ ...
Pink Illuminati Furby T-shirtPink Illuminati Furby T-shirt

Pink Illuminati Furby T-shirt

Don't be fooled by the cute pink of this T-shirt, this Illuminati furby knows all with its 3rd eye so it's the perfect blend of creepy and cute! Careful now. ❤ PRODUCT...
Haunted Tamagotchi T-shirtHaunted Tamagotchi T-shirt

Haunted Tamagotchi T-shirt

If you remember the time of tamagotchi, you probably remember they were always beeping for food and attention.  This cute looking tamagotchi is beeping for a whole other reason. I...
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