Pastel goth & kawaii T-shirts

T-shirts are a wardrobe basic, but they're the excellent medium to express yourself with! Are you a kawaii person or a dark goth on the inside? You don't have to go all the way, with a t-shirt your style is clear

No need to worry about asian sizing or low quality T-shirts either! These cute designs are made by me, MadModesty and adhere to European sizes and quality! They're also shipped from Europe. 


An added comfort: MadModesty prints everything by hand so if you need a specific size or colour, just contact me and I can do a custom print for you! 

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"undercover goth" T-shirt

If you're really into pastels, but secretly have a goth personality, this is your ultimate T-shirt! Its sweet lilac colour with pink crosses might be too subtle, so there's a...
Black 3-eyed cat T-shirtBlack 3-eyed cat T-shirt

Black 3-eyed cat T-shirt

At first glance this seems like a black T-shirt with kawaii, lilac kitties on it! awh! Wrong! These alien cats have 3 eyes and are more on the creepy side of...
Pink unicorn cat T-shirtPink unicorn cat T-shirt

Pink unicorn cat T-shirt

This soft, pink T-shirt with large, kawaii anime cat eyes and unicorn horn is the cutest thing ever! Half cat, half unicorn, this unikitty is the best. On the back...
Cat face with treat T-shirtCat face with treat T-shirt

Cat face with treat T-shirt

Are you a difficult person or easily satisfied? If a treat can easily put you in a good mood, this is the shirt for you, cat lover! This super adorable kitty is...
Mischievous cat T-shirtMischievous cat T-shirt

Mischievous cat T-shirt

When you spot this face on your cat, you better look out! This guy is definitely up to no good.So if you're the mischievous type, this is the shirt for...
Cat face T-shirt with tail printCat face T-shirt with tail print

Cat face T-shirt with tail print

This cute little cat face makes it clear to all you're quite the cat person. On the front of this dark gray T-shirt is a large cat face that's clearly not...
Black and lilac BatCat T-shirtBlack and lilac BatCat T-shirt

Black and lilac BatCat T-shirt

This adorable black and lilac T-shirt is perfect for a creepy cute look if you're into pastel goth or just want to show your Halloween spirit through the year!❤ PRODUCT DETAILS...
White magical mermaid  V-neck - B-gradeWhite magical mermaid  V-neck - B-grade

White magical mermaid V-neck - B-grade

a plain white, flattering V-neck is excellent for daily wear. But there's nothing plain about this tee. A sparkling, holographic mermaid print shows your inner mermaid.Give Ariel a run for...
€29 €15
Pink 3-eyed cat T-shirtPink 3-eyed cat T-shirt

Pink 3-eyed cat T-shirt

Want some weird in your cute? This is the shirt for you! This cute, pastel pink and lilac kitty tee seems cutesy at first glance, but take a closer look, I'll...
Haunted Tamagotchi T-shirtHaunted Tamagotchi T-shirt

Haunted Tamagotchi T-shirt

If you remember the time of tamagotchi, you probably remember they were always beeping for food and attention.  This cute looking tamagotchi is beeping for a whole other reason. I...
Pink Illuminati Furby T-shirtPink Illuminati Furby T-shirt

Pink Illuminati Furby T-shirt

Don't be fooled by the cute pink of this T-shirt, this Illuminati furby knows all with its 3rd eye so it's the perfect blend of creepy and cute! Careful now. ❤ PRODUCT...
Polly Pocket Polly Pocket

Polly Pocket "CULT" T-shirt

Are you part of the Polly Pocket Cult? Never say it's just a vintage toy, this T-shirt shows your commitment to the 90s cult idol that is Polly.  ❤ PRODUCT DETAILS ❤  Gildan 100%...
Cranky nope cat T-shirtCranky nope cat T-shirt

Cranky nope cat T-shirt

This is the face of a cat that is not amused. "no, I will not wear that.""do NOT hug me, human" "just... no." This is a perfect shirt to wear...
Vintage cinema bunny T-shirtVintage cinema bunny T-shirt

Vintage cinema bunny T-shirt

Oh dear, It's his first day on the job and all he does is spill popcorn! This clumsy little bunny just sends popcorn flying all over the place. But his...
Smiling cat t-shirtSmiling cat t-shirt

Smiling cat t-shirt

Do you hate making a fuss? Are you easily content? Do you like lounging in the sun? Then this is the shirt for you! These make an awesome gift for...
Cat expressions T-shirtCat expressions T-shirt

Cat expressions T-shirt

A true cat fan will recognize all 12 of these cute expressions. From mischievous catittude to just plain "do not want", which is your favourite?  This super soft navy tee is...

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