Custom portrait - digital - 2 people

Custom portrait - digital - 2 people

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Did you always wonder what you'd look like as a Japanese anime character?
This style is called chibi and is very popular in Japan. It's know for big heads to leave much room for expressive eyes, they also don't have noses. so are you ready to see what you'd look like in this totally different style?

These are also really fun to give to a friend as a graduation, birthday or wedding gift!
They can be printed on coasters, mouse mats, mugs or anything else you can think of if you want to make this a physical gift.



This is a fully digitally drawn and coloured portrait of 2 people. 

You will receive an email with
*your artwork in high resolution 
*your art work in low resolution (for internet use and easy viewing)


After nabbing this listing, just shoot me a message with a few pictures. 
you can request any outfit, pose or prop.
If you're shy or not really creative, you can just send me a funny story that happened to you, let me know your hobbies, sports or favorite obsession and I can work from that. 
Feel free to email if you have any doubts or questions. 

Price is for 2 people! so make sure to send me plenty of pictures of yourself, your partner, bestie or a fictional character!
If you want just one person or maybe a pencil drawing, check out the other custom art options here.

Artwork can only be used for personal use. (post it on your social media, print it for own use etc. you may not make money off it, that's a different rate (; )