Pastel goth and Kawaii fashion and decoration. 

MadModesty sells unique creepy cute clothing, accessories, bags and home decor. They all have 1 thing in common: the pastel goth aesthetic! If you love pastel fashion and outfits with a goth twist, MadModesty is perfect for you.

All MadModesty products are shipped worldwide from Europe. Each piece is printed by hand with care. Unlike most Kawaii brands that use asian sizing and low quality, MadModesty uses European sizing up to 2XL and European quality standards, so if you can't find your size: contact me for a custom size or print


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"undercover goth" T-shirt

If you're really into pastels, but secretly have a goth personality, this is your ultimate T-shirt! Its sweet lilac colour with pink crosses might be too subtle, so there's a...
Japanese kokeshi decalJapanese kokeshi decal

Japanese kokeshi decal

These cute stickers are modeled after the classic Japanese kokeshi dolls. Did you know original kokeshi dolls brought good luck to the people that gifted them to children? These cute...
Black and lilac 3-eyed cat sweaterBlack and lilac 3-eyed cat sweater

Black and lilac 3-eyed cat sweater

If you love clothing that's cute, but with a dark twist, you'll love this 3-eyed cat print! Its creepy cute design is exclusive to MadModesty so you're guaranteed a unique look. This is...
Black 3-eyed cat T-shirtBlack 3-eyed cat T-shirt

Black 3-eyed cat T-shirt

At first glance this seems like a black T-shirt with kawaii, lilac kitties on it! awh! Wrong! These alien cats have 3 eyes and are more on the creepy side of...
Pastel BatCat sweaterPastel BatCat sweater

Pastel BatCat sweater

This sweater is just puurrr-fect for autumn since it's toasty warm because of the inner fleece AND it has a halloweeney batcat print. If that didn't tick all your boxes,...
LIMITED Haunted Tamagotchi salopetteLIMITED Haunted Tamagotchi salopette

LIMITED Haunted Tamagotchi salopette

Don't let this super cute, pink salopette fool you. It may have an adorable tamagotchi printed on the front, but that thing is definitely haunted. I'm pretty sure they usually...
Cranky Cranky

Cranky "nope" cat mug

This mug is the perfect office mug, it really signals people to leave you alone until after coffee. Or a great way to ward off people that think being social...
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Pink unicorn cat T-shirtPink unicorn cat T-shirt

Pink unicorn cat T-shirt

This soft, pink T-shirt with large, kawaii anime cat eyes and unicorn horn is the cutest thing ever! Half cat, half unicorn, this unikitty is the best. On the back...
Pink and blue Pink and blue

Pink and blue "undercover goth" sweater

If you love pastel clothing with a funny twist, this is the sweater for you. You don't want to sacrifice your style to stay warm, so this cozy, oversize sweater...
Pink and lilac 3-eyed cat sweaterPink and lilac 3-eyed cat sweater

Pink and lilac 3-eyed cat sweater

If you love cute pastel themed clothing and you're looking for that one cozy warm sweater to stay warm without compromising on style, this is what you need! All-pastel colours make...
BTS + army logo decal setBTS + army logo decal set

BTS + army logo decal set

customise anything you like with this BTS logo and ARMY logo in holographic vinyl.These decals come in 3 sizes to match whatever you want to customise! They stick on any...

"Bighit's Bitch" sticker

As a K-pop fan, You probably always feel like you're constantly spending money T_T Especially if you're part of BTS's ARMY or TxT (Tomorrow x together)'s MOA. You may as...
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BTS lyrics decal: life goes onBTS lyrics decal: life goes on

BTS lyrics decal: life goes on

This bts vinyl sticker features English and Korean lyrics from "life goes on":Like an echo in the forest하루가 돌아오겠지 (The day will come back around)아무 일도 없단 듯이 (As if...
your favourite maid bookmarkyour favourite maid bookmark

your favourite maid bookmark

These 5 bookmarks are super cute! They each feature a sweet little maid with their own unique character! If you're a tough little badass, Frappuccino may be your girl, but...

Pastel Goth girl sticker

If you're goth, but in really pastel sort of way, this may just be the sticker for your Ouija-board! She's got skulls on her cute lilac top and a mint green...
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Illuminati Furby - black sweaterIlluminati Furby - black sweater

Illuminati Furby - black sweater

Did you ever feel like your Furby was watching you? This huge illuminati-furby is not only a cool 90's reference, it has that extra layer of all-seeing eye.  ❤ PRODUCT DETAILS...

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